2018-05-28 21:08

6 Ways to Make You Look Like You Have More Hair 纹发际线 遮

You could walk around with a wind machine to boost body, but these tips are much easier.

Thin hair is a topic that comes up often whenever I'm chatting with other women about their beauty issues. So, I picked Stephanie's brain for some tricks yesterday and she reminded me that other than investing in extensions, there area bunch of ways a thin-haired girl can make like she has more hair. Such as:

  1. Mousse your hair before bed. Take a shower at night (or just wet your hair) then apply volumizing mousse and make a big braid. "The next day your hair will look wavy and volumized," says Stephanie.

2.__ Blow dry your hair upside down. __This is one of those tricks we've all heard before but forget to actually do. Try it next time you're drying your hair--it works!

  1. Make friends with dry shampoo. Not only is it great for zapping oil in between wash days, but it also creates the illusion of fullness. Just sprinkle or spray some onto your roots and massage it in.

  2. Get *all * of the conditioner out of your hair. Yes, you need moisture for healthy hair, but if you let conditioner build up, it can leave your strands limp. Avoid your roots when you apply it and be sure to rinse it out thoroughly. "Use cool water--it's better at getting out the residue," Stephanie says.

  3. Do some teasing. Grab a rattail comb and tease the crown of your hair before you pull it back into a ponytail to create height. Once you've secured your pony with an elastic, tease the tail, too and apply lots of hairspray.

  4. Add big curls. Give your hair a bit of movement and body with hot rollers or a curling iron. Try all-over ringlets or just bump your ends for a little bend.