2018-05-27 17:09

Skin head Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Hairline Embroidery is something really new. I think it has probably only been made available in Singapore only this year or at least getting more popular only recently.

Scalp rendering technology (HFS) is a kind of color pigment to the scalp skin is the technology of the dermis, coloring, after the completion of look and feel like a hair follicles, through NPM Israel exclusive research and development system of roller spring driven by cross weaving on the roller with a bunch of 56 needle. By moving the scroll wheel on the scalp, the formation of pigment dots of similar hair follicles. Using specially designed pigment and application methods, to create the highest like real simulation effect, is recognized as the world of similar products in the most advanced treatment. 

NPM scalp rendering technology (HFS) USES a special pigment, according to the need for treatment of the scalp surface range situation at that time, the effect of treatment of skin and want to build, with different size of needle, with different color depth, Angle, color pigment and distribution density of course of treatment.

NPM scalp rendering technique (HFS) is a very high fine technology, can be created with a fine hair highly similar to natural effect. We elaborate the scalp coloring was conducted in head directly, general follow-up complementary can maintain3-5 years after 1 time. Treatment effect is referred to as the ultimate modern hair loss solutions people from all walks of life.