2018-05-28 21:13

Scalp MicroPigmentation Singapore hairline embroidery sg



What is SMP( NPM-HSF ) 
SMP: Internationally referred to as Scalp Micro Pigmentation. SMP ( NPM-HSF ) is a technique that utilizes special organic pigments to color the dermal layer of the scalp. After the coloring is complete, the look and feel will be similar to hair follicles. Baldness, alopecia areata, thin hair, scars from hair planting/accidents can be resolved in just a few hours, achieving a hair thickening effect in each hair loss area. SMP instantly produces a hair thickening effect on the top of the head, without leaving scars or needing further maintenance or care. The effect will be undifferentiable from a skinhead.


Hairline embroidery is not equivalent to tattoos - it is BETTER than tattoos
At first impression, many customers mistake SMP( NPM-HSF ) for tattoos which greatly hinders the acceptance of this treatment. However, we would like to reiterate that SMP( NPM-HSF ) is not a tattoo art. The instruments used in SMP ( NPM-HSF ) are special tools developed by NPM and have global patent certification; entirely different from the tools used by tattoo artists. Hairline embroidery uses a pigment developed specifically for the scalp that suits the extremely delicate molecular granules and prevents color mutation. Additionally, the layer of skin that SMP works on is slightly shallower than in tattoos in order to avoid managing the hair follicles. The technique and concept required in hairline embroidery is significantly higher and more delicate than that in tattoos.


Will hairline embroidery cause any harm or side effects to the body?
The pigment used in the SMP( NPM-HSF ) is unique and only manufactured by NPM in Israel. The pigment is a plant-based and organic with its base component being matt carbon element. As the tissues in the human body is composed of organic substances, which contain a large amount of carbon, the SMP( NPM-HSF ) pigment is considered a healthy and safe as it is naturally accepted by the human body. The pigments applied are based on a set of 7-9 black-gray shades suitable for different skin tones - even rare shades such as pale while and silver can be mimicked using the SMP ( NPM-HSF ) pigments. Additionally, as the pigment does not contain other basic colors (e.g. red, blue yellow etc), the fading (after 3-5 years) of the pigment colors will only run between black and gray.
SMP( NPM-HSF ) is similar to eyebrow embroidery are both part of the semi-permanent make-up category which emphasizes on “minimal invasive techniques”. The damage done by semi-permanent make-up on the skin is only 10% of what a person experiences when getting a tattoo. Till today, there are no known injury reports due to SMP; hence, even in countries such as the United States, hair salons can freely provide SMP ( NPM-HSF ) without the need for medical qualifications. A person that has done eyebrow embroidery will also find it much easier to understand SMP( NPM-HSF ) . In a SMP treatment, the needle is injected into the skin such that it is only reaches half the distance between the scalp surface and the hair follicle (i.e. it will never damage the hair follicle). Additionally, the needle will fall in a position where there is no hair follicle, prevent the pigment from coming into contact with the hair follicle. Therefore, this treatment neither damages or affects the clients’ hair.